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Cleaning your horse wear consists of the use of a washing machine using cold, iron-free water. We use a mild, eco-friendly detergent that we make. This in-house detergent has been successfully used for well over 4 years with great results in removal of stains and odors. If preferred, we will use your detergent.

Our full cleaning process includes:

  • A complete wash cycle: 2 cold water washes and 3 cold water rinses
  • Blankets are hung and air dried
  • Detailing includes cleaning Velcro attachments & cleaning excess horse hair.
  • Buckles, swivel clips, surcingle and leg straps and other hardware is checked to ensure good functionality. If we see something that needs attention we will call you before any repair.
  • Horse wear is then folded neatly and placed in a clear plastic bag along with a blank Service Tag for your next visit.
  • Finally, your bagged horse wear is labeled with your name for your pick up or pre-arranged delivery.