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Horsewear Honcho Referral Program

If you are a barn owner, horse-boarding client or volunteer, you can become a Horsewear Honcho by referring new customers to Huron Valley’s Horse Blanket Headquarters and be rewarded with FREE horsewear washing.

Horsewear Honcho’s Role:

Horsewear Honchos seeking FREE washes must refer a new client with a minimum of 10 blankets, sheets and or coolers. Contact us via phone 248.859.2398 or email with your referral and your name and phone number for verification. A new customer with 10 or more horse blankets, sheets and or coolers equals 1 FREE wash for you; 20 or more equals 2 FREE washes.

The Horsewear Honcho Referral Program works in conjunction with our Ambassador program in that you can earn FREE washes both ways; 1) The Ambassador can earn FREE washes by serving as the horsewear coordinator within their barn, and 2) they can also serve as the Horsewear Honcho and earn FREE washes as they produce new clients.