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We work hard to keep our prices low and the convenience to our customers high! From pickup and delivery services to rewards programs and convenient drop-off locations, you get great service at great rates. Download a Printable Service Tag or Contact Us Today!

Blankets (turnout, stable) $24
Sheets (turnout, stable, fly) $22
Coolers $22
Saddle Pads (basic thin) $8
(each additional saddle pad) $4
Thick Saddle Pad $15
Hood/Neck Cover $8
Leg Wraps (pair) $6
Shipping Boots (pair) $8
Sleezy $12
Horsewear Hygiene – Germ Fighter per item $10
Horsewear Hygiene – Germ Fighter (w/hood or neck cover) $14
Water Repellent per item $16
Water Repellent (w/hood or neck cover) $19
Repairs: Per hour. Does not include replacement parts (straps, buckles, etc.) $30/hr
Minimum Repair charge $5

Full Service Pick up and Delivery

Pickup and delivery to your location will only be a few dollars more per blanket than our retail wash price. Picked up and Delivery pricing depends on the pickup location, and the total number of blankets in the order.

Our delivery charge is based on the number of miles round trip from HBHQ to your barn (based on current federal tax mileage rate). This cost is then divided among the total number of blankets picked up. The more blankets gathered together for one trip, the greater the savings!

Highland Feed & Maher Feed Drop Off Points:

Can’t make it out to our Wixom location? No Problem! For a little more, horsewear can be picked up at Highland or Maher Feed! Horsewear is transported to our facility, serviced, and returned to where they were dropped off. Highland and Maher feed orders must be paid by credit card over the phone before being returned to the feed store. Please print a SERVICE TAG and attach a tag to each piece of horsewear being dropped off. Each piece must have a service tag!

Dropping off Volume Horse-wear:

Get great deals (10% off ) on washes when you drop off 10 or more blankets at our facility in Wixom!

We accept Visa & MasterCard credit and debit cards as well as Discover & American Express credit cards