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Rider Rewards Club

Rider Rewards Club is a horsewear wash program developed by Horse Blanket Headquarters (HBHQ) for clients to earn rewards or discounts associated with frequent horsewear washing. Only horsewear dropped off at HBHQ in Wixom qualifies. Additionally, most horsewear that a client desires to have washed qualifies for this program. This includes: Blankets, Sheets, Coolers, Saddle Pads, Shipping Boots, Leg Wraps, Neck Wraps, etc.

Program Operation (for clients)

When you drop off horsewear to be washed, the HBHQ attendant will fill out a Rider Rewards Club card for you. Once a ticket is written and the dollar value of the horsewear wash has been verified, the attendant will mark with a line through the appropriate dollar circle on the card. Cards are kept at HBHQ for your convenience. When you have accumulated $200 in money spent on washings, the attendant will credit you by deducting $20 from the total owed to HBHQ. You qualify to participate on your second visit to HBHQ.

Benefits associated with Rider Rewards Club may not be used in conjunction with other discounts.