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Horse Blanket Cleaning

  • Superior Wash
  • Quality Repairs
  • Horsewear Hygiene Treatment
  • Water Repellent Treatment
  • FREE Loaner Blankets/Sheets
  • Shipping
  • Custom Services
  • Pick-up and Delivery Available for Barns

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Traveling near our location before or after our business hours? Don’t worry, we’re here for you! Try our new 24/7 Onsite Drop Box located right across the parking lot from our Suite #102 entrance.



Washing and Drying

Have your horse blanket cleaning done the way you want, with our mild detergent or yours. A full wash cycle in our dedicated washing machine includes 2 washes and 3 rinses. We hang and air-dry all horsewear.

Horsewear Hygiene Treatment (Germ fighter)

Our unique fabric treatment is a protective spray applied to the inside of a clean dry blanket or sheet and continually inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.

  • Eliminates and helps prevent odors, staining and deterioration
  • Protects from growth of harmful bacteria and fungi
  • One application lasts for at least 90 days
  • Non-Irritating to skin and Non-toxic

In addition to horse-wear it can be used for sports equipment, uniforms, commercial cleaning supplies such as rags and mops.

Water Repellent

At your option, dry blankets receive a quality sprayed-on water repellent. We also do water repellent on canvas boat covers, car covers, Carhart clothing, sleeping bags, and other hunting / camping equipment and clothing.


We all know horses are tough on their apparel and rips and tears are common. If your horsewear requires repair, kindly write a description on your Service Tag and drop it in the bag along with your blanket. Be sure to also authorize your repair $30 and under, and check off the repair box. If your repair will cost over $30, we will give you a call and we’ll explain why the repair may be more. As part of our process we inspect all blankets for needed repairs and give you a call if we find anything! Our minimum repair charge is $7.50 (price does not include replacement parts – straps, buckles, etc). If we can make a repair with a good, used piece of hardware or material, we do not often charge for these pieces.


After your horse blanket cleaning is complete, horsewear is then folded neatly and placed in a clear plastic bag. Your bagged horsewear is labeled with your name and we include a Service Tag you for the next time you need to use our service.

Pick Up

Come on in and pick up your blankets during our open hours! If you can’t make it when we’re open, give us a call, we are happy to make an appointment.

Note: Any blankets not picked up within a 60 day period from order completion will be placed in longer term storage at a cost of $2/week per piece.


Not local? Not a problem! You may wish to ship your horsewear to us for service. We will be happy to wash, repair, etc and return your horsewear promptly. A shipping fee will be applied to the overall charge. Our Ship To address is:

Huron Valley’s Horse Blanket Headquarters
28525 Beck Road, Suite #102
Wixom, MI 48393

Loaner Blankets

No extra blanket? No problem! At the Horse Blanket Headquarters we have FREE LOANER blankets of various sizes and weights to loan you while yours is being washed and repaired!

Custom Services

We have the capability of doing a variety of custom products. For example, foal blankets, feedbag totes, etc. Please contact us for your requests.