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Water Repellent

At your option, dry blankets or sheets receive a quality, eco-friendly, spray-on, water repellent to the exterior. This application allows your horsewear to remain breathable and will keep your horse comfortable and & dry.

Following are benefits of this product:

  • Protection against rain, snow and water, stains & mold.
  • Adds or restores water repellency
  • No odor, yellowing, or stiffening
  • Water-based, NOT solvent based
  • Fights staining and soiling
  • Maintains breathability

Environmental Advantages:
Waterproofing is:

  • a water-based liquid concentrate
  • strives to make solutions that are safe for the environment
  • contains no heavy solvents and is safe for children and pets

Note: We also do water repellent on canvas boat covers, car covers, Carhartt clothing, sleeping bags, and other hunting / camping equipment and clothing.